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Choosing the right air filter for your HVAC system

Posted on september 02, 2016 by admin in Free Help and Guides

Choosing the right air filter for your HVAC system

Proper HVAC filtration is at the heart of indoor air quality and plays a crucial role in keeping indoor environments clean and free from contaminants that may cause harm to equipment, but more importantly - the comfort and health of staff and customers.

CFP offers a complete air filtration and air hygiene service for all types of HVAC systems. Let CFP help you choose the best air filters and the most effective maintenance program for your HVAC system to save energy, money and heedless damage to your equipment.

The importance of a well maintained HVAC system

It is the responsibility of building owners, managers and employers to provide a safe working environment and public areas. A well maintained HVAC system ensures that the inside of your building is comfortable and free of any pollutants that may have an adverse effect on staff and customer health.

A well maintained HVAC system also results in extended life and efficiency of your equipment and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

The most important factors for maintaining your HVAC system are choosing the right air filters and ensuring they are fitted correctly (See Are you installing your filters correctly?)

Types of HVAC filters

Filters for your HVAC system are made up of many types and materials but are typically divided into a few distinct categories based on how they operate to remove particulate matter from the air passing through them.

Typical HVAC filter categories include:


Pre-filters are used in conjunction with secondary filters and give your HVAC system an advantage over a system without them. The job of a pre-filter is to protect the secondary filter by capturing the  larger dust particles, giving longevity to the more expensive secondary and final filters.

CFP offer a large range of synthetic filter medias which are a safe and environmentally friendly pre-filtration alternative to fibreglass pre-filters. Panel filters are also widely used for pre-filtration and come in a pleated construction for larger dust holding capacity or heavy duty knitted metal mesh filters for pre-filtration of heavy grease environments.

Secondary Filters

Secondary filters come in the form of compact rigid filters or bag filters and are the main filtration for finer particles and contaminants. Secondary filters generally come in a plastic or galvanized frame and can be directly installed in existing filter housings with no modification required. Secondary filters are essential for high indoor air quality. Click here to view CFP’s wide range of filter products.

Final Filters

‘HEPA’ stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arresting filter. Filters meeting the HEPA standard must remove 99.97% of the particles that have a size of 0.3 µm. HEPA filters are composed of mat or randomly arranged fibres and are typically single use disposable filters. CFP can guide you on selecting the correct filter for your HVAC system and have a wide range of HEPA filters to suite every business’s needs.

There are also some specialist filters available for chemical and combustion operations.

Choosing the right air filter for your needs

CFP are experts in air filtration and can guide you in selecting the best air filters for your HVAC system, depending on your business environment and needs.  CFP will be happy to carry out a site survey of your AHU’s and provide any recommendations for changes and improvements.

Regular Pre Planned Maintenance (PPM)

Although the right filters are important, equally as important are regular filter changes.  Regularly scheduled HVAC PPM appointments throughout the year will help identify any issues that you are having, analyse the equipment and how it’s operating to make sure that it is working at its maximum efficiency.

A helping hand

CFP offer a complete supply, fit and filter removal service to fit your PPM schedule, ensuring you receive the right filters to the right site at the right time.

When you work with CFP, you’re working with a company that has an outstanding reputation for the best and most efficient service, enabling you to focus on their core business.

Let us handle all of your filter maintenance needs and make it one less thing to think about. Contact us today to get your air filter maintenance appointment, call 0161 406 5050 or email sales@cfpdirect.co.uk

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