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Synthetic V Glass Filters?

Posted on october 21, 2015 by admin in Filter Products News

Synthetic V Glass Filters?

Since the early 90s, the demand for synthetic filters has grown yearly, while that for glass fibre products has fallen.  There are two very good reasons for this.

Glass filters are prone to shedding, as microscopically small glass fibre particles detach from the filter and enter the air we breathe.  The airborne fibres are so small that they are able to reach the inner lung, where they pose a carcinogenic threat. 

Secondly, raw materials are used in the production of glass fibres that are of ecological concern.

CFP supplies synthetic filters, manufactured from non-shedding fibres.  Certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex standard 100, they are free from harmful substances:  so safe that you could in fact wear them in contact with your skin.  They are also certified by the Institute for Air Hygiene (ILH in Berlin).

Our filters are environmentally friendly, being completely incinerable, and facilitating low-cost disposal with a limited effect on the environment.

But what about the all-important matter of performance?  Well, synthetic filters have a greater dust-holding capacity than glass fibre mediums, and so are at least equal in performance.

Synthetic filters make good sense for your business, for the health of your personnel, and for the environment; for those reasons, CFP will continue to supply synthetic products.

Whatever your industry, Concept Filter Products provides you with a hassle free route to filter management, taking care of this aspect of your operation and allowing you to easily maintain a safe, compliant and comfortable working environment.

Our AIRsyntex and PROsyntex air filter ranges for air conditioning, ventilation and painting and drying technology have both achieved the EN779 - F7 - F9 2012 standard of filtration efficiency.

To find out more about how Concept Filter Products can offer you hassle free filter management, please call 0161 406 5050 or email sales@cfpdirect.co.uk.


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