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Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport

Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport

Radisson Blu Hotel filter management

The Challenge

Radisson customers expect a clean, comfortable environment to relax in, so it's important that the on-site engineering team provides high quality indoor air and controls odours from food preparation areas. A large proportion of the premise's energy costs relate to its HVAC systems so it's vital that its air filter system works to optimum efficiency too.

With more than 20 air handling units (AHUs) across the site, the Chief Engineer at the Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport needed to find a supplier it could trust to replace filters at the right intervals for optimum performance and respond quickly to any urgent requests.

The Solution

Having worked with Concept Filter Products (CFP) in a previous role, the Chief Engineer at the Radisson Blu hotel knew CFP offered a good range of competitively-priced, energy efficient air filter products. He also had first-hand experience of the service for which CFP is renowned and in 2013 engaged them as the hotel's sole supplier of air filter products.

As well as supplying standard air filter products - including panel and carbon filters, media and accessories - CFP also provides made-to-measure filters where required. The ability to deliver bespoke items quickly and to the hotel's exact requirements is especially important in an environment where any disruption to customers must be kept to an absolute minimum.

"CFP understand the competitive pressures we face as a prestigious hotel in a prime location and appreciate how an issue on site can really affect the customer's experience of our business. They always fulfil our exact requirements and when we need something out of the ordinary they deliver quickly and without fuss."

Chief Engineer at Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport

The partnership has proved a resounding success and the Radisson Blu team is now investigating ways it can work with CFP to continually improve its maintenance regimes and extend the asset life of AHUs.

CFP provides a range of specialist services to hotel and leisure businesses including site surveys, asset registration and certified waste disposal.